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How can I let my customers know that we sell/accept National Book Tokens?

We have a selection of social media banners here to promote that your bookshop is open for browsing and ordering and that you can accept National Book Tokens.

Plus, our display units, open/closed signs and stockist stickers showcase that you sell National Book Tokens, and maximise customer awareness and impulse purchases, while taking up minimal space. Order POS for your bookshop here

How can Caboodle Local help my shop during the Covid-19 crisis?

You can use Caboodle to communicate with your customers.

Add an 'Update' (or 'Offer'), which will automatically be emailed to Caboodlers near your shop the next day. You could say:

• You can provide book recommendations (for example, over social media, saying where they can tweet you or send a message)
• You're making home deliveries for everyone's stockpiling needs
• You're accepting orders over the phone or online
• You can accept National Book Tokens over the phone, email or by social media
• You can post National Book Tokens to friends and family – remember, we have an 8-year expiry, and replace all expired cards

Remember to visit ‘My Offers’ and check that there are no offers/events scheduled to go live that are now cancelled.

If you need examples of what other bookshops are doing during this time, you can check out this handy list created by Penguin Books, and you can talk to other booksellers on the BA's Booksellers Network Facebook group.

How can I use Caboodle to tell customers about my virtual events?

If you’re planning to run a virtual event so you can still be the focal point of community activity – and create conversation and connections – you can use Caboodle to talk to your customers. Add an ‘Update’ or ‘Events’, which will be automatically emailed to Caboodlers near your shop the next day. You could say…

• You can provide book recommendations for everyone’s bookish needs over social media

• You’re running an online book club

• You've created handy, entertaining blog posts, videos or podcasts

• You’re holding virtual author events

Visit Caboodle and add your offers and events.

How can I accept National Book Tokens gift cards over the phone, email or social media?

In order to help customers who can't get to your shop, you can accept National Book Token gift cards remotely. On the Web Authorisations website, simply click 'Redeem' and type the gift card number into the box.

How can I view Gift Card Transactions for my bookshop?

It’s easy to view your transaction history for sales and redemptions of National Book Tokens. Go to the Web Transactions page and click REPORTS. Log in by entering your BA Account Number and Password.

Simply select the report you wish to run and click Run Report. For more details on using Reports on WREN, please view our User Guide.

How do I bulk load?

If you need to load more than a few gift cards for an order, you can do this as a bulk load rather than having to load the cards individually – just select "Bulk Load/Activate" in Web Administration. Click here to view our step-by-step guide.

Are you aware of our expiry period?

National Book Tokens gift cards do not expire for 8 years from last use, including balance enquiries.
We replace all expired National Book Tokens gift cards. Expired cards can be swapped out over the phone – please call 03303 310345 (Mon to Fri, 9am-5pm). At weekends or out of hours, click here for details of how to replace expired cards.

How do e-Gift Cards work?

e-Gift cards are easy to redeem! They are redeemed just like standard gift cards and use the same systems. However, as they do not have magnetic strips, you will either need to use a barcode reader or key the number in manually.

How do I process paper tokens?

Book Tokens paper vouchers are still valid and should be accepted. They have no expiry date. Simply complete the Exchanges form and return it to us, together with the vouchers.

Are you protected against fraud?

Gift cards of any kind have a resale value, so we advise that if a customer tries to purchase a high value National Book Tokens gift card from you without using their PIN – perhaps using an overseas credit card – you ask for an alternative tender type, or check with the bank prior to accepting the sale..

Are gift cards environmentally friendly?

Our core range of gift cards are printed on FSC-certified board instead of plastic. You can read more about our sustainable gift cards here. For more ways to become environmentally sustainable, read the BA's Green Bookselling: A Manifesto for the BA, Booksellers and the Book Industry.

How do I order blank gift cards?

It's easy to order our wide range of blank gift cards online for your bookshop. All you need is your BA Account Number and BA password - don’t worry if you have forgotten – you can get details sent to you in just a click.
Click here to order your gift cards.

Where do I get display materials?

We have a wide range of POS and display materials available, designed with all shapes and sizes of bookshop in mind, to help you make the most of your National Book Tokens displays.
Click here to order your display material.

How do I contact Customer Services?

If you need help or have a National Book Tokens query over the weekend (perhaps you’ve become locked out of the website, or have forgotten your password), you can call our dedicated Helpline on 03303 310345.

How can I make the most of Caboodle?

Caboodle is your one-stop-shop for local marketing, helping you communicate with thousands of booklovers – for free!

400k+ booklovers are signed up to Caboodle, eager to receive local offers and events from your bookshop straight to their inbox – 500k local offers emails are sent monthly. Keep your profile up-to-date to make the most of Caboodle:

    1. Log in to Caboodle (or register using your BA Account Number and email address)
    2. Update your bookshop page with a photo and description
    3. Add your offers, such as discounts, freebies, events, children's offers, and updates

All offers will appear on the Caboodle and National Book Tokens websites (and, if they're part of the campaigns, the Independent Bookshop Week and Books Are My Bag websites), and are emailed to Caboodlers near your bookshop. You can see your email and offer stats under Your Caboodle.

Simply by uploading your offers and events, your shop could also be in with a chance of winning our Bookshop of the Month award, including a luxury food and wine hamper! 

If you have any queries about Caboodle, get in touch with Agnes at National Book Tokens, who will be happy to help.

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