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Introducing our new Presentation Card

High Five 2023 boosted footfall

Newcomer of the Year 2024

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Introducing our Presentation Card: offering new options and flexibility for local schools


Presentation CardWe have introduced a new Presentation Card in response to schools and their requirements for prizegiving at the end of term, and throughout the year.

This new product incorporates a personalised or standard design National Book Tokens e-Gift card into an A5 presentation card which can also include certificate-style information about the reward or award being presented. It offers greater flexibility and additional options to school customers looking to encourage reading for pleasure and give the gift of reading, in what is a very competitive market. What's more, there's no additional cost to personalise the Presentation Card.

As a bookseller, you can offer this new product to local schools. As with personalised gift cards, we will manage the production process for you, and the transaction will go through your bookshop account. Just let us know how many Presentation Cards the customer would like, and the values to load, and we will do the rest on your behalf.

The Presentation Card includes all the usual details that you would expect to see on an e-Gift card, and is processed the same way at the till. To find out more, email Uzo Onuora or call 020 7421 4654.


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High Five giveaway boosted footfall in 2023

High Five

  • High Five redemptions up by 21% since last year
  • 92,000 vouchers sent to independent bookshops – up by 200% over five years
  • 2024 promotion to launch during IBW 2024 (15-22 June)

We recorded a solid year-on-year increase in our latest High Five for Bookshops giveaway, which launched during Independent Bookshop Week 2023 and ended in January 2024.


Initially conceived five years ago in support of Independent Bookshop Week (IBW), High Five for Bookshops is designed to empower independent bookshops to reward their most loyal customers. Bookshops that participate in IBW are given 100 vouchers to give to bookshop visitors in any way that suits them and their local audience. Each voucher has a unique code that allows the recipient to claim a £5/€5 National Book Tokens e-Gift card which can then be brought back to spend on a book of the customer’s choosing.

Running every year since 2019, High Five has continued to grow year-on-year, with increasing numbers of bookshops participating in IBW, as well as increasing numbers of bookshops engaging with the promotion.

The scheme has been driving footfall and loyalty to high street bookshops, as demonstrated by redemptions in 2023 growing by 21% compared to 2022, with almost 60% of the issued e-Gift cards having already been spent to date. In 2023, 92,000 £5/€5 vouchers were sent to independent bookshops. Since the first year of the promotion, this number has grown by over 200%.


We'd love to hear from bookshops to understand how we can make this year's promotion work even better for you. Please get in touch by email with your feedback, or ask for a call back to discuss in more detail!


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Congratulations to Suddenly On Sheaf Street

Suddenly On Sheaf StreetOn 15th January, we announced the winner of our Newcomer of the Year Award for 2024: Suddenly On Sheaf Street, a bookshop for curious and crafty people in Daventry, Northamptonshire. Now in its fifth year, the award is given to new bookshops based on their first full year of National Book Tokens sales and redemptions, both of which are a measure of how well the bookshop is engaging with local booklovers. 

With the BA reporting a growing number of independent bookshop openings last year, in the face of increasing high street challenges, competition for the prize is strong – with 51 new bookshops opening in 2023 and vying for the coveted award.

Lisa Bywater, Head of Marketing for National Book Tokens, said, "The local response in Daventry and beyond to the opening of Suddenly On Sheaf Street, and the way the team have responded to meet the evident demand, is the perfect demonstration of the necessity of bookshops on our high streets: not only for the vital business of bookselling and the joys of reading for pleasure, but also as hubs for community, creativity and innovation."

Joanna Clements, Manager at Suddenly On Sheaf Street, said of their win: “The response to a new bookshop has been like an oasis in the desert. [...] We had a truly phenomenal first Christmas period, with lots of shoppers from the town centre and the surrounding villages coming in to select gifts for their loved ones and tell us about their favourite recent reads. [...] It’s been a seriously steep learning curve getting to grips with all things bookselling and we couldn’t have done it without the support and guidance from the wider bookselling community [...] we are truly honoured to receive this recognition from National Book Tokens.”

Suddenly on Sheaf Street wins a hamper to share among their team, a trophy, and promotion to more than 400,000 booklovers via the National Book Tokens newsletter, with additional promotion on our website and social channels.

Previous winners include: The Book Stop in St Helen's, Merseyside; The Portobello Bookshop in Edinburgh; Darling Reads in West Yorkshire; Maldon Books in Essex, and The Ivybridge Bookshop in Devon.


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We're driving footfall to bookshops this winter

Our redemption campaign is back once again, encouraging booklovers to spend their National Book Tokens with you this January and February for the chance to win £500/€500 in cash.

The campaign is supported by newsletters to our 400,000+ subscribers and paid social ads, and runs in conjunction with Books Are My Bag's social campaign planned for post-Christmas and the new year to encourage consumers into bookshops in what is traditionally a quieter time for retail. The campaign will focus on what we already know to be true – books are the perfect company all-year-round, especially during the colder and quieter months; books are for everyone; books are good for your wellbeing and offer escapism; and the best place to buy books is from bookshops, a safe and welcoming space for everyone.

Spread the word

Customers can enter at the prize draw after spending their gift cards by visiting 

Remember: customers need the last four digits of their gift card number to enter the draw, so please make sure they retain any gift cards they spend with you!

To help you promote our competition in your bookshop, and encourage footfall instore, we're sending you some point of sale materials in the post. If your kit hasn't arrived by Monday 15th January or if you have any questions about the campaign, please get in touch with us at

You can also download social media banners for the competition to share on your channels, as well as social assets to support Books Are My Bag's campaign. Please do share the social media banners on your channels tagging @book_tokens (Twitter, Instagram) or @nationalbooktokens (Facebook) as well as @booksaremybag across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and use #ChooseBookshops in your posts.


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