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Incentives and prizes for the education sector

Local authorities, educational establishments and businesses across the UK & Ireland use National Book Tokens to help motivate, inspire and support learners, or just as a simple reward.

WhyNational Book Tokens gift cards for education choose National Book Tokens?

  • Spend everywhere – our gift cards are accepted in bookshops everywhere and online
  • Encourage reading for pleasure – students can choose the right book for them
  • Quick & easy - order our fun and contemporary designs from your local bookshop or online
  • Flexible – load our gift cards with any value from £1 to £250 (or €1 to €250)
  • Bespoke designs - personalise with your school crest or photograph
  • Discounts – save on bulk purchases to make budgets go that little bit further
  • Rewards for you - exclusive offers and benefits with our rewards programme, Caboodle

Bespoke designs

We now offer the option to buy multiple copies of bespoke design National Book Tokens gift cards - perhaps with your school crest or photograph.

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Schools - prizes, motivation, inspiration

A firm favourite of schools across the country, National Book Tokens are the perfect way to reward, encourage literacy and inspire a love of books. They give students the freedom of choice to choose the right book for them, every time.

How to order

Higher Education - support, rewards, funding

Whether it’s a prize, part of a financial aid scheme or in a Fresher’s Pack, National Book Tokens are a great way to provide some extra support for students to buy essential textbooks.

LSE are currently using National Book Tokens to reward students and make a real impact on their performance: "We wanted to limit the reward to something educational and book-related and National Book Tokens are the perfect option for us" - Alexandre, LSE.

How to order

Further Education & other organisations

Organisations that choose National Book Tokens as part of a motivational or reward scheme have seen awareness and participation increase dramatically.

Many are using National Book Tokens to give people an opportunity to choose a book themselves and encourage literacy. For example, the Booked for Life project provides equality of access and raises awareness of services for children in foster care: "National Book Tokens worked really well. You were very supportive with our project and provided a discount." - Nuala, Children's Reading Advocate, Booked for Life

How to order


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