Protect your National Book Tokens gift card from loss or theft

To help protect the value of your National Book Tokens Gift Card in case it gets lost or stolen, you can register it online. You will need your 19-digit gift card number and the 3-digit PIN.

Register your gift card

What to do if your gift card is lost or stolen

If your card gets misplaced, please contact the National Book Tokens customer service team as soon as possible. We can then block the card so it can no longer be used.

Please note that if any value on the lost or stolen card is used before National Book Tokens can block it, it cannot be refunded.

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  1. National Book Tokens Gift Cards should be treated as cash. National Book Tokens cannot refund the value on any lost or stolen gift cards.
  2. National Book Tokens will only be able to block the value on the card after notification by the lawful card holder that it has been lost or stolen. Any value used until this point cannot be refunded.
  3. To establish that you are the legal rightful card holder, you will be asked for some of the data provided in your registration form.
  4. Cards will be blocked within 48 working hours from National Book Tokens' receipt of notification. National Book Tokens working hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.
  5. If National Book Tokens cannot establish legal ownership, we may be unable to block the card.
  6. Any replacement of lost or stolen gift cards will incur a £3.50 fee. See the full gift card terms and conditions for more information.
  7. Your personal security questions should be kept confidential. If you become aware that your security information is being used unauthorised, you must inform us immediately.
  8. Your details will not be used for any other purpose, or passed onto any third parties, unless specified.
  9. Your details will be securely held on Book Tokens’ server. Book Tokens Ltd will be the data controller for any personal data given in connection with your card.


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