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If you're buying National Book Tokens for corporate or education rewards and incentives, find out about bulk purchases and discounts, along with other frequently asked questions.


Yes, you can buy pre-designed physical or e-Gift cards, or personalised physical or e-Gift cards, in bulk quantities.

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Yes, Book Tokens Ltd offer discounts for corporate and public sector customers who wish to use gift cards for rewards and motivation schemes, or as corporate gifts. A minimum order value of £1,000 or €1,000 applies.

Order value Discount
£1,000 3.0%
£2,000 4.0%
£25,000 5.0%
£50,000 6.0%
£75,000 7.0%
£100,000 8.0%
Order value Discount
€1,000 3.0%
€2,000 4.0%
€30,000 5.0%
€62,500 6.0%
€93,750 7.0%
€125,000 8.0%

  • Bulk e-Gift orders can usually be sent within 48 hours
  • Standard gift card orders are usually delivered in approximately 3 working days
  • Personalised gift card orders are usually delivered in approximately 6-7 working days
  • Please contact us if you have special delivery or fulfilment requirements and we will be happy to discuss with you

  1. Settlement terms for all approved accounts are strictly 30 days from date of invoice.
  2. Orders are usually dispatched upon receipt to the address on the account. Gift Card deliveries are made by a secure carrier or recorded delivery service. Responsibility for the gift cards will pass on to the customer upon delivery. Please store vouchers securely.
  3. Customers should notify Book Tokens Ltd of non-delivery within 24hrs of receipt of invoice. Any discrepancy of vouchers delivered and ordered must be notified to Book Tokens Ltd within 3 days of delivery.
  4. Book Tokens Ltd accepts no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged gift cards once the responsibility has passed to the customer at time of delivery.
  5. Gift cards may not be resold without prior consent or at a discount. Gift cards will not be sold to customers or third parties who the company suspects may intend to re-sell at a discount.
  6. National Book Tokens are supplied on a firm sale basis unless otherwise agreed and cannot be exchanged for cash.


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