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Our Values

Beloved by generations, National Book Tokens are the only gift cards you can spend in bookshops across the UK and Ireland, as well as online. We aim to deliver the best experience for customers, and as proud sponsors of World Book Day and supporters of Book Aid International and Read for Good, National Book Tokens encourages reading for everyone.

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About Us

About Us

About Us


Our standard gift cards are printed on FSC-certified board rather than plastic and are printed in the UK. FSC certification allows you to identify, purchase and use paper products produced from well-managed forests and/or recycled materials. As a company, we are committed to reducing our use of plastics and our carbon footprint. 

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Our History

National Book Tokens began in 1932 when Harold Raymond, a publisher, noted with dismay, that, of the innumerable Christmas gifts received by his friends and family only three were books. He questioned the "capacity for giving pleasure" of many of the presents received, commenting that surely a book is more welcome a gift than a "hatpin, ornament, photo frame…or ashtray".

His conclusion was that the chief difficulty people found when giving a book was the fear of getting the wrong book, a fear he assumed did not "apply equally to cigarettes or powder puffs".

Over 80 years later his invention is going strong, helping people across the UK and Ireland to share their love of books with friends and family, happy in the knowledge that they have chosen a gift worth giving.


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