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To celebrate The Funniest Boy in the World by bestselling children's author Helen Rutter, packed with brilliant jokes and one-liners to make kids roar with laughter, we gave young readers the chance to win a signed book bundle, £100 worth of funny books, plus their name in lights!


Your jokes made Helen Rutter roar with laughter! But who did she pick as the winner?

What are a frogs favourite type of shoes? Open toad. - Zachary M, age 10, UK



What do you call an elephant that doesn't matter? An irrelephant! - Lewis M, age 10, Ireland

Teacher: Your grades have been extremely average this term. Pupil: That's a very MEAN thing to say. - China W, age 9, UK

My Mum gets mad at me for being lazy. It's not fair. It's not like I did anything. - Oisin C, age 9, Ireland

Knock Knock, Who's there? Smell map Smell map who? That's gross. - Milo F, age 10, UK

The boy in class chewed his chocolate bar really loudly, yelling "YUM, YUM!", The teacher was getting frustrated at the noise so I told him "Shh! You've gotta Wispa!" - Aida K, age 9, UK



The writer of the winning joke received:

  • A signed set of books by Helen Rutter: The Funniest Boy in the WorldThe Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh, and The Boy Whose Wishes Came True
  • £100 worth of funny books from Scholastic 
  • A personalised neon name sign

5 runners-up received a copy of all three books. 

The Funniest Boy in the World by Helen Rutter

About The Funniest Boy in the World by Helen Rutter

Billy Plimpton took to the stage and captivated the crowd at the triumphant ending to The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh, and in the sequel, he’s going to go viral. Celebrity comedian Leo Leggett takes Billy under his wing, as his new sidekick: when Leo tweets a clip of his stand-up act, Billy suddenly becomes the most famous boy in the country. At first, this is GREAT – all the kids at school think he’s cool and he gets to appear on his favourite morning TV show. But Leo's motives turn out to be shady and Billy must turn the tables in a very public way… 

The idea for this story came from Helen Rutter’s son, who has a stammer: she wanted to write the book that he would love to read, starring a child like him.

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