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Design a new superhero and WIN!

To celebrate British Science Week (8-17th March), we challenged children to design a new SuperQuesters character (with a special tech feature or superpower which helps the environment) to win SuperQuesters goodies.


Congratulations to 8-year-old Yusra, whose brilliant superhero Zapping Zara was chosen as the winner by SuperQuesters authors Dr Thomas Bernard and Lisa Moss!

Zapping Zara uses her hands to zap any pollution in the sea or on land into a small recycled item. She also has a solar powered ultra zapinator made with Bea Bumble, turning sea pollution into sea creatures. Her outfit is made from recycled items and the jewels were once pollution at the bottom of the ocean.


RobotThe authors said, "We were absolutely amazed by the creativity, depth and ingenuity that went into this character concept and design. We love that Zapping Zara uses her own natural superpowers not only to clean up the environment and make recycled items, but she also teams up with Bea Bumble to create a new invention to repopulate the ocean, turning sea pollution into sea creatures, WOW!".

As part of her prize, Yusra has also chosen to name the SuperQuesters good pirate robot 'Captain Cleanbot'

Winners and runners-up

Congratulations to all the stupendous runners-up! View our X thread all about the competition. 


SuperQuesters is a unique blend of adventure stories and expertly designed quests for children to complete, developing their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills in exciting new ways.

Yusra will receive:

  • A set of four books: SuperQuesters: The Case of the Stolen Sun, SuperQuesters: The Case of the Missing Memory, SuperQuesters: The Case of the Great Energy Robbery and SuperQuesters: The Case of the Angry Sea
  • A SuperQuesters water bottle
  • A SuperQuesters backpack
  • A SuperQuesters t-shirt
  • A SuperQuesters: The Case of the Angry Sea A3 poster and bookmark
  • The chance to name a SuperQuesters character – a good pirate robot!

Each runner-up will receive a copy of SuperQuesters: The Case of the Angry Sea, A3 poster and bookmark.


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