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Complete the comic strip and WIN!

To celebrate the publication of Bunny vs Monkey and the Rise of the Maniacal Badger, we gave young comic makers the chance to win some fantastic goodies by completing a Bunny vs Monkey comic strip.


The winner and runners-up were chosen by Bunny vs Monkey creator Jamie Smart! 


Congratulations to 8-year-old Jori! 

"This just made me laugh so much straight away. I love how there's no speech, it's just a superquick gag. Perfectly done!" Jamie Smart



Finn, age 10.

"Really clever idea, including the artist into the gag, breaks the fourth wall and catches you by surprise!" Jamie Smart



Griffin, age 11.

"Such an involving story unfolding here, really well thought out and beautifully drawn!" Jamie Smart



William, age 10.

"This is a REALLY funny joke, and wonderfully paced!" Jamie Smart



Emily, age 10.

"Oh this is brilliant, what a great joke, and so well drawn too!" Jamie Smart



Anwen, age 8.

"I just love the randomness of this, that pulling the plug would release a load of bears, so funny! And extra points for drawing all those bears too!" Jamie Smart



The winner received:

  • A signed set of the Bunny vs Money series by Jamie Smart (books 1-5)
  • A Bunny vs Monkey t-shirt
  • A Phoenix rucksack and cap
  • A Bunny vs Money print by Jamie Smart

5 runners-up received an unsigned set of the series and a Phoenix cap.

Bunny vs Monkey and the Rise of the Maniacal Badger by Jamie Smart

About Bunny vs Monkey and the Rise of the Maniacal Badger by Jamie Smart

The Maniacal Badger has arrived, and he's determined to take over the Woods! Wasn't that Monkey's plan? This cannot happen! What japes await in this brand-new adventure, when Bunny and Monkey team up to beat this new menace?! They've never managed to work together before... And will Skunky rediscover his passion for evil inventions, to defeat his rival at their own game? One thing's for sure.... Laughs are guaranteed!

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