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Spend your National Book Tokens at local bookshops during lockdown 

5 great reasons to support your high street bookshops

1. Bookshops provide local jobs and are a vital part of the local community.
2. Booksellers are real readers with a real passion for books who provide superb book recommendations.
3. All bookshops, big and small, are magical places and the high street wouldn't be the same without them. 
4. Bookshops enable you to discover books you never knew you were looking for. 
5. They're the best place to buy and spend National Book Tokens.

During lockdown, bookshops everywhere will be doing their utmost to continue to provide you with the best book shopping experience they can. 

We're in lockdown and I need books! Where can I spend my National Book Tokens?

Home Ordering

Collection & Delivery

Contact your local bookshop and ask about using your National Book Tokens gift cards or e-Gift cards for collection or delivery.

Many bookshops accept them over the phone, social media, or by email – they just need your gift card number and PIN!



You can choose from a full range of competitively priced books for both adults and children online at & (part of the Waterstones family) (UK) and, & (Ireland).

Simply enter your gift card or e-Gift card number (without spaces) and PIN during checkout.

Future Browsing

Future Browsing

Nothing beats the experience of browsing a bookshop for your next great read. Why not stockpile your book tokens (not toilet roll!) for when shops open their doors?

Our gift cards don't expire for 8 years after last use, so you have loads of time (plus we replace all expired cards, so you can always book shop to your heart's content!).

Check your balance

Check your gift card balance

Want to see how much you have left on your Christmas book tokens? The easiest way to check the balance available on your National Book Tokens gift card or e-Gift card is via our website. Simply enter your gift card number and PIN.


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