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How well do you know British mythology?

From Merlin to the Mabinogion, we invited Sophie Keetch, author of Morgan Is My Name – an atmospheric, feminist retelling of the early life of the famed villainess, set against the colourful chivalric backdrop of Arthurian legend – to test your knowledge of British mythology.

Sophie Keetch, author

"Morgan Is My Name is a feminist retelling of the early life of Morgan le Fay, reviled sorceress and enemy to King Arthur's Camelot. Her fierce nature, cleverness and desire for independence spoke of a woman far more complex than her villainous reputation, and sent me in search of the untold story beneath her myth. Arthurian legend has long been a fascination of mine, due to its array of stories drawn from many sources, full of drama and complication. But how much do you know about King Arthur, Morgan le Fay, Lancelot and the rest?" Sophie Keetch


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