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How much do you know about the brain?

Have you been doing your daily 'braintenance'? Test your knowledge of how the human brain works with this fun quiz written by neuroscientist Dr Julia Ravey, author of Braintenance: A scientific guide to creating healthy habits and reaching your goals.

Dr Julia Ravey

"Braintenance is a guide for setting and getting goals. Using neuroscience and psychology, it dives into why we find it so hard to make the changes we really want and lays out methods based on how the brain works to take on any aim. For me, when I understand why I do some of the strange things I do, it helps me be a little bit kinder to myself while moving in the direction I want. This all starts with getting to know the human brain a bit better. So, how well do you know yours? Let's find out..." Dr Julia Ravey


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