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Are discounts available for volume purchases?

Yes, Book Tokens Ltd offer discounts for schools and educational institutions who wish to use gift cards for rewards and motivation schemes, or as prizes. A minimum order value of £500 or €500 applies. To find out more please click here.

Where can National Book Tokens be bought and spent?

National Book Tokens gift cards are sold in bookshops across the UK and Ireland. 

National Book Tokens gift cards (and e-Gift cards) can be spent in bookshops across the UK and Ireland. This includes Waterstones, WHSmith (excluding Travel outlets in stations and Airport locations), Blackwell, Easons, John Smith, Foyles and local independent bookshops. Please note: National Book Tokens e-Gift cards cannot currently be spent in WHSmith.

Search for your nearest bookshop here.

National Book Tokens gift cards (and e-Gift cards) can also be spent online at and (UK), and (Ireland).

Please note: National Book Tokens gift cards cannot currently be spent on the WHSmith or Waterstones websites, in supermarkets, or on Amazon.To spend online, you'll need both the gift card number and PIN.

What can National Book Tokens be exchanged for?

National Book Tokens can be exchanged for all kinds of books, from bestselling new fiction to reference and school textbooks, as well as maps. 

Can National Book Tokens be used to purchase ebooks?

National Book Tokens gift cards (and e-Gift cards) can be used to purchase ebooks on (£ and €). These ebooks can be read on most types of ebook readers and with most eReading Apps. This does not include ebooks for Kindle ebook readers.

Do National Book Token Gift Cards have an expiry date?

If your National Book Tokens gift card (or e-Gift card) is not used for a period of 8 years, it will expire and you will not be able to use the value on it. It is our current policy to replace expired gift cards (conditions apply). Click here for more information. 

To ensure that a gift card remains active, you either need to use it to purchase a book, have it topped up or simply do a balance enquiry

Please note, some older gift cards (sold before October 2015) expire after 24 months of inactivity - we are happy to replace these for you.

How much money can I put on National Book Tokens?

National Book Tokens gift cards (and e-Gift cards) are flexible to your needs – any amount from £5/€5 to £250/€250 can be loaded on them which can be spent whenever the recipient wishes. Any remaining balance will remain on the gift card until the holder’s next purchase.

How do I check the balance of my National Book Token?

You can check your National Book Tokens gift card (and e-Gift card) value at any time. You will need your gift card’s PIN for this which can be found on the reverse of the card, in the top right corner under a scratch-off panel. You can check your gift card’s value by using the online Balance Enquiry, by asking in-store at your nearest bookshop or by emailing us at

Are there terms and conditions for National Book Tokens?

Yes, please click here to view the specific terms and conditions which apply to National Book Tokens gift cards and e-Gift cards.

Please note: National Book Tokens are not supplied for cash resale other than to members of the Booksellers Association of UK and Ireland. For further details please contact Book Tokens Ltd direct.


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