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13 Christmas rom-coms to read this winter

If you're looking for a cosy, feel-good, heart-warming romance to buy this Christmas, we've recommended 13 festive books to pick up with your National Book Tokens as you browse the shelves of your favourite bookshop.

A Winter in New York by Josie Silver

Iris arrives in the city of dreams, intent on restarting her culinary career, and leaving her recent heartache behind. Until she meets Gio: a perfect leading man with an irresistible smile – and in a crisis. As fate would have it, Iris is the one person with the answer. She just can't tell him… A Winter in New York is a sumptuously cosy seasonal love story.

 A Winter in New York by Josie Silver

Midnight at the Christmas Bookshop by Jenny Colgan

Carmen's festive season is threatening to be very unjolly indeed...but can she buckle up and save her beloved shop? This sparking sequel to Christmas at the Bookshop is a delightful holiday read that captures the Christmas spirit in Edinburgh's heart. 

Midnight at the Christmas Bookshop by Jenny Colgan

Three Holidays and a Wedding by Uzma Jalaluddin and Marissa Stapley

In this heart-warming, multi-faith festive read, an emergency landing finds Anna, Maryam and Saif snowbound at a quirky hotel in the picture-perfect town of Snow Falls…

Three Holidays and a Wedding by Uzma Jalaluddin and Marissa Stapley

Last Christmas at Ballyclare by Emily Bell

After yet another heartbreak, Natasha is flying home for Christmas to Ballyclare, the beautiful old house in the Wicklow hills that's been a constant all her life. When Natasha arrives, her mother has terrible news: the house is falling down, and will have to be sold. But when a stranger with a family connection to the house knocks on their door, their fortunes start to take a turn…

Last Christmas at Ballyclare by Emily Bell

Only for the Holidays by Abiola Bello

The Spanish Love Deception meets The Holiday in this fake dating YA romance about a city girl and country boy's lives colliding at Christmas. Tia is not enjoying her rural festive break, and worst of all, the wi-fi is too bad for her to stalk her ex. Quincy and his family are hosting the town's Winter Ball at their farm – but he doesn’t have a date. Pretending to be a couple seems like a win-win – but when a snowstorm threatens to cancel the Ball, their fake relationship is put to the test.

Only for the Holidays by Abiola Bello

In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren

This swoon-worthy read is jam-packed with yuletide cheer. Every time Mae wakes up, she begins the same Christmas holiday all over again. After one hilarious disaster after another, Mae must figure out how to break free of the strange time loop – and finally get her true love under the mistletoe.

In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren

Someday at Christmas by Lizzie Byron

With a store to save and her own romance going off-script, Christmas just got complicated for Shell. But this is the most wonderful time of the year, so there must be a happy ending awaiting… right?

Someday at Christmas by Lizzie Byron

Make You Mine This Christmas by Lizzie Huxley-Jones

Everyone believes Haf and Christopher are madly in love. Whilst spending the festive season with his family in the English countryside, she meets Kit: Christopher's mysterious, magnetic and utterly irresistible sister. She can't possibly fall for her fake boyfriend's sister this Christmas… can she?

Make You Mine This Christmas by Lizzie Huxley-Jones

Countdown to Christmas by Jo Thomas

Chloe can't wait for Christmas... to be over! Her son is staying with his dad and Chloe is planning to ignore the holidays altogether. But a surprise call changes everything. In a flash, her Christmas involves a log cabin in the middle of a snowy forest, a community that's worried for its future, a gruff lumberjack who gives her butterflies and a lot of pancakes with maple syrup…

Countdown to Christmas by Jo Thomas

The Christmas Orphans Club by Becca Freeman

For ten years, Hannah and Finn have spent Christmas together. Through the years, they've been joined by other lonely souls, Priya and Theo, creating The Christmas Orphans Club. Until Finn announces some rather big news. This may be their last Christmas together…

The Christmas Orphans Club by Becca Freeman

Kiss Her Once for Me by Alison Cochrun

One year ago, Ellie had a Christmas Eve meet-cute with a woman at a bookstore. Today, Ellie's just getting through the days – until her landlord proposes a shocking, drunken plan: a marriage of convenience. But when he introduces his new fiancée to his sister, Ellie is shocked to discover it's the mysterious woman she fell for over the course of one magical Christmas Eve the year before... A queer holiday rom-com that you’ll want to cosy up with next to the fire.

Kiss Her Once for Me by Alison Cochrun

All About Us by Tom Ellen

On a cold winter's night, nineteen-year-old Ben is having the time of his life at university. He's about to fall in love for the very first time…but will it be with new girl Daphne, or his best mate Alice? 15 years later, life hasn't quite turned out how Ben had planned. He can't help but think back to that fateful night, and wonder what might have been…

All About Us by Tom Ellen

The Christmas Wish by Lindsey Kelk

Gwen needs a family Christmas to bury her newly-single woes, with festive films, country walks and a mountain of chocolate. Her teenage crush Dev is back home, too – and it turns out he's just as kind, funny and good-looking as she remembers. When Gwen wakes up, she discovers that  she’s trapped in a snowy Groundhog Day. But would repeat meet-cutes with Dev really be so bad for a heart that needs mending?

The Christmas Wish by Lindsey Kelk


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