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Supporters of Read for GoodRead for Good

National Book Tokens are proud to support Read for Good, a UK national charity with the mission to encourage children to read for fun. Its sponsored read in schools motivates even reluctant readers to pupils to read all the more, because the money raised helps to get new books and storytellers to children in hospital all over the UK. Amazing!

The support of National Book Tokens helps Read for Good’s unique service reach over 100 000 seriously ill children in hospital every year. Read for Good's specially designed mobile bookcase is refilled with brand new books every six weeks, enabling children in an infection-controlled environment to choose their own brand new books, from much-loved classics to the latest award winning titles. Plus, Read for Good’s professional storytellers offer much-needed therapeutic entertainment to children and their exhausted families in hospital.

To help us get more children reading for pleasure in school, and to brighten the days of children in hospital, why not ask a teacher or librarian at your school to sign up for a free sponsored read kit at

Cassie’s story: Cassie was born with end stage renal failure and her parents were told the devastating news that she would need Kidney Dialysis and a Transplant. Her first transplant failed, and she was back on dialysis just before her 6th birthday. For six years, Cassie and her parents have travelled from Coventry to Birmingham Children’s Hospital three times a week for 4 hourly dialysis sessions. Cassie is confined to a chair for the whole time and is not allowed to move in the chair as it affects the blood flow through the dialysis machine.

The role that Read for Good plays:
Cassie, who is now 12, has been using Read for Good’s service in Birmingham hospital for 6 years. Unlike second-hand books, brand new books are allowed onto the ward as they don’t carry a risk of infection, and Cassie is allowed to choose one to keep. She says “I love it when the Read for Good bookcase comes onto the ward. it helps to make the dialysis session go so much quicker!”

Cassie’s Mum, Ann, says Read for Good’s service has been vital to her daughter. "As a parent of a child who has spent 12 hours a week in hospital every week for the past six years, I can say with much enthusiasm how valuable the Read for Good books and storytellers are. As you can imagine, having to sit still in a chair for that long is really tedious so Cassie really looks forward to becoming engrossed in a book.The fact that Cassie’s friends at school are helping to raise those funds for her, and children like her, while she’s in the hospital is absolutely fantastic!"