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Supporting Book Aid International

For every sale or top up on our special Book Aid International card, 1% of its value is donated to the charity so that it can continue sending books around the world to people who don't have the books they need.

Around the world, millions of people live in a world without books. They cannot afford to buy books at home and, in schools, pupils share just a tattered textbook with up to a dozen others. Libraries offer the best opportunity for people to read, but even libraries often have just a few out of date books. This lack of books leaves children less able to succeed in school, prevents adults from learning throughout their lives and denies everyone the simple joy of reading.

Book Aid International believes that everyone should have access to books that will enrich, improve and change their lives. Every year, the charity sends around one million new books to thousands of libraries, schools, universities, hospitals, refugee camps and prisons, where people would otherwise have few opportunities to access books and read. All of the books the charity sends are carefully selected to meet each community’s needs. In an average year, the books the charity sends are available to an estimated 25 million people.

It costs just £2 to send another book, so every Book Aid International gift card you purchase can help to change a life through reading. To find out more about Book Aid International visit

So far you've helped send more than 7,700 new books to people who need them!

Thanks to your support, our Book Aid International gift card has so far raised more than £15,400 – that’s enough to allow the charity to send 7,700 brand new, carefully selected books to people around the world.

Many of those books reach people in some of the world’s most remote and isolated communities through the charity’s work setting up school libraries. These books help pupils learn to read – but they also change lives far beyond the classroom walls.

Our special gift card can be bought in your local bookshop or online. 


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Meet Solomon

10-year-old Solomon lives with his family in Jamestown, one of the poorest districts of Accra, Ghana's capital. Solomon didn’t have many books at home so it wasn't until he started reading the books you helped to send that he discovered how fun reading was!

"I read after school every day. I like reading because it’s my talent. I’m the best in my class. In the school holidays I also go to the library. My favourite book is The Scared Cat. I like it because the cat is always scared! When his friends are going, he’s scared. They went to take a mouse, he’s scared. Every time he’s scared! I have read it many times."

Solomon also uses the books you helped to help with his homework:

"I come to the library if school have given me homework. I come to the library, collect that book and go to the homework club and write it. Our mothers, if they don’t have money they can't buy us books. But here we have books to read."




Meet Fortune

Like many families, 10-year-old Fortune* and her family are temporarily taking shelter in the forests of Cameroon while the country is impacted by ongoing conflict. Fortune is using the books from the Pioneer Book Box that you helped to send to keep learning despite the disruption:

"I was so happy [when they brought the Pioneer Book Box to the Catholic Mission] because I could read again. At the church hall and in our house, I learn English, Maths, French, Geography etc. with books from the Pioneer Book Box. My favourite subject is English Language and my favourite book is Phonics and English Grammar. I am so happy with the books. They have helped me a lot. I have not gone to school since I left my home. I am praying for schools to start again in October."

The books you helped to send are giving Fortune hope for the future:

"When I grow up, I will be a journalist so that I will be able to report things that are happening in our towns, villages and our whole world so that people can be helped to live in peace and unity.
Thank you so much for the books, they have given us hope."

*Name has been changed. 




Meet Tradwel

Tradwel in Zambia never finished school but always dreamed of doing more. When he was older, he returned to education and went from being a cleaner to an Administrative Officer. He attributes his success to books you have helped to send:

"The secret to my rapid career change has been burying my head in books mostly donated by Book Aid International.

The turning point came when I attended a career exhibition at the University of Zambia. They had displayed books in various disciplines from Book Aid International … Having seen the adequate reference materials that were available in the university library, I felt encouraged to enrol for a Diploma in Public Administration. After I successfully completed my Diploma I was then promoted to Administrative Officer."

Tradwel is now using books you helped to send to study for a degree and pursue greater success:

"My degree course is the requisite qualification for most local government positions – I highly aspire to hold certain positions and with the books at the university library, it’s one thing that I believe I’ll achieve."




Meet Habiba

Habiba fled ongoing conflict in Afghanistan with her two children after her husband was killed. Now sheltering at a camp in Greece, Habiba is using books you helped to send to rebuild their lives:

"Today I have borrowed two books. One for my son who is five years old. It is about Poppy Cat. The story is good for my son. I think for my children, story books and alphabet books are good. These will help them learn English."

Books also help Habiba to deal with what they have been through – and learn new things:

"The other book I have borrowed is for me. It is a book of poetry – it’s a great book. I think the books are very good for me – for my heart. Books are very good for relaxation.

When I lived in Afghanistan I had so many cook books. You should send some cook books! I love cooking. I would like to learn to cook new things."


Want to get involved? There are many ways you can support the charity’s work, from donating to fundraising or volunteering.



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