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Book Tokens eBook Services Affiliate and In Store programme terms agreement:


Affiliate Bookseller: A Booksellers Association of UK & Ireland (BA) member, or other qualifying Bookseller, that has agreed to these terms, and whose terms application has been accepted by Book Tokens Ltd, and has either:

  1. implemented an authorised Affiliate Link between their website and the Book Tokens Ltd eBooks website
  2. or formally requested and received acknowledgement linking their Book Tokens Account (GLN) with an Book Tokens eBooks website account


Affiliate Link: a link placed by a bookseller into their website as specified by Book Tokens Ltd. The link allows Book Tokens Ltd to track Referred Sales and pay Commission accordingly. The link should be promoted through the use of official Book Tokens eBooks web collateral.


Affiliate Consumer: A member of the public who has used the Book Tokens Ltd eBooks website and through so doing, for the purposes of paying Commission has the value of their purchases linked to an Affiliate Bookseller. Subsequent purchases by this consumer will earn a Commission for the Affiliate Bookseller, regardless of whether the Affiliate Consumer uses the Affiliate Booksellers’ web link or premises to make the purchase. PLEASE NOTE: If an Affiliate Consumer subsequently buys an eBook from the Book Tokens eBooks site via a different Affiliate Bookseller then their purchase and any future purchases will become linked to that different Affiliate Bookseller.


Affiliate Programme: The eBook service herewith defined.


Agency Agreement: Book Tokens Ltd operates this service under a sub-Agency Agreement with their service provider (and through them with various publishers). Affiliate Booksellers are not party to this sub-Agency Agreement and are not permitted to resell any eBooks supplied through this service other than under the terms and via the processes set out herewith.


Book Tokens Ltd: Taken to include Book Tokens Ltd and Book Tokens Ltd’s designated service providers and other associated parities as deemed necessary in the provision of the eBook website service.


Book Tokens eBook website: The web service provided by Book Tokens ltd to facilitate the sale of eBooks by BA members, initially branded The Indie eBook shop. In order for digital rights management to be operated, members of the public who purchase eBooks through this service will be required to open an account with the Book Tokens eBook website. The information provided by members on this site will not be used other than to validate their residency without their permission.


Commission: The percentage of the eBookSale value payable by Book Tokens Ltd to the Affiliate Bookseller, as defined by schedule 1. This may be either based on retail price including relevant VAT or based on the relevant ex-VAT price. This percentage may be changed by Book Tokens Ltd, providing one-weeks notice and using their sole discretion, Affiliate Booksellers may terminate this agreement with immediate effect if terms are changed by Book Tokens Ltd.


eBook Sale: A completed, not refunded, and correctly paid for sale of an eBook made through the Book Tokens Ltd eBook website. In certain limited circumstances, Refunds to consumers may be made by Book Tokens Ltd for up to three months after the initial sale, commissions on refunded sales will be reclaimed from Affiliate Booksellers, either by off-setting against future payments or via invoice.


In Store Sale: Any sale of an eBook using the Book Tokens eBook website, made by an Affiliate Bookseller in their bookshop or other premises, whether the customer is physically present or not. For avoidance of doubt that is any sale of an eBook other than those made via an Affiliate Link from the Affiliate Booksellers website.


Referral/ Referred Sale: Any sale of an eBook made by an Affiliate Bookseller either via an authorised Affiliate Link or as an In Store Sale under the processes set out by Book Tokens Ltd and in accordance with these terms, in each case earning the Affiliate Bookseller a Commission.


Refunds and returns: By their nature, returns and therefore refunds for eBooks are hard to reconcile and are not possible once the eBook has been downloaded. Affiliate Booksellers should never offer to accept returns or issue refunds and cannot be compensated by Book Tokens ltd if they chose to do so. Any request for returns should be referred to Book Tokens ltd.


Territory: TheUK and any other geographical territory as determined by the eBook publisher or as defined by Book Tokens Ltd.


Terms & conditions of participation in the Book Tokens Ltd eBook Services Affiliate and In Store Programme.


1)    Book Tokens Ltd will pay a Commission to Affiliate Booksellers for qualifying correctly processed eBook Sales through this Affiliate Programme.

2)    eBook Sales may either be made via an Affiliate Link or as an In Store Sale.

3)    Members of the public who use an Affiliate Link will become an Affiliate Consumer.

4)    BA Members wishing to participate in the Book Tokens Ltd Affiliate Programme must register to do so via Book Tokens Ltd and must agree to these terms.

5)    In order to be paid the correct Commission, Affiliate Booksellers will need to:

  1. set up an authorised Affiliate Link between their website and the Book Tokens Ltd eBooks website – as directed by Book Tokens Ltd
  2. and/or, for In Store Sales, set up a link between their normal Book Tokens Ltd account (GLN) and their account on the Book Tokens Ltd eBook website.

NB: the process for setting up Affiliate Links and linking accounts will be clearly set out and assistance will be provided by Book Tokens Ltd Customer Services team.

6)    Book Tokens Ltd will endeavour to ensure continuity of service and supply via the eBooks website, however no responsibility is accepted for loss or other associated cost due to either a failure of the website, incorrectly set up Affiliate Links, sales made prior to Affiliate status being established, or the availability of particular eBooks.

7)    In Store Sales made by Affiliate Booksellers are subject to the following:

  1. The Affiliate Bookseller is responsible for correctly processing the customer order and ensuring the correct remittance is made.
  2. The Affiliate Bookseller is responsible for taking the full and correct payment from the customer. No discounting is allowed.
  3. The Affiliate Bookseller is responsible for informing the customer of the following restrictions:
    1. eBooks bought via the Book Tokens eBooks site cannot be used on Kindles
    2. eBooks bought via the Book Tokens eBook site can be supplied only in the Territory.
  4. That the customer is supplied with a print out confirming their order and their correct email address.
  5. Affiliate Booksellers must not accept returns or refund consumers for eBooks provided by this service without prior written consent from Book Tokens Ltd.

8)    If an Affiliate Bookseller does not fully comply with these terms, or Book Tokens Ltd reasonable believes is not acting within the tenor of the agreement, Book Tokens Ltd at its sole discretion may suspend the Affiliate Bookseller from the Affiliate Programme until terms compliance can be assured or if compliance can not be assured may terminate this agreement with that Bookseller.


9)    Where an Affiliate Bookseller intends to change its legal status (e.g. by incorporating) then prior written notice must be sent to Book Tokens Ltd which may at its sole discretion require a cessation of this agreement.


10) Save where another period is stipulated elsewhere in these Terms, Book Tokens Ltd may from time to time amend the Terms upon giving one month’s written notice to Affiliate Bookseller


11) Book Tokens Ltd shall be entitled to terminate with immediate effect the participation of any Affiliate Book seller if:

  • an encumbrancer takes possession, or a receiver is appointed, any of the property or assets of the Affiliate bookseller
  • the Affiliate Bookseller makes any voluntary arrangement with its creditors, becomes subject to an administration order, or goes into bankruptcy or liquidation;
  • the Affiliate Bookseller is or is in the reasonable opinion of the Company about to cease to carry on business;
  • the Affiliate Bookseller is an individual and dies


12) These Terms shall be governed by English Law and Affiliate Bookseller and the Company shall agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Schedule 1 – Commission

Affiliate Booksellers are paid:

  • 17.5% of the ex-Vat value of each eBook Sale (made using a UK credit or debit card - Book Tokens Ltd will pay credit and debit card charges)
  • Payment will be monthly, within 30 days of month end.
  • Payment may be included within a Booksellers normal Book Tokens Ltd Gift Card billing and therefore may be offset against any monies due to Book Tokens ltd by the Affiliate Bookseller for Gift Card sales.
  • No commission is payable on purchases through the Affiliate Programme made with National Book Tokens gift cards.

You can also download these terms as a PDF by clicking here.