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Supporters of ReadathonReadathon

National Book Tokens are proud to support Readathon, the charity that improves lives through sponsored reading with its brilliant sponsored read and hospital programme. Readathon provides resources for schools to encourage reading for pleasure and to run a sponsored read. The fundraising from the sponsored read helps support its hospital programme which takes books and storytellers to children in hospital.

With the help of National Book Tokens Readathon will reach its target for 2015 – to provide a regular supply of brand new books and storytellers to 30 major hospitals around the UK. Readathon have also expanded their programme in Great Ormond Street in London and Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, each of which now have two specially designed bookcases, giving children access to books from their bedside. If you’d like to get involved, please encourage your local school to run a sponsored Readathon - you’ll be inspiring them to read for fun and to raise money for children in hospital at the same time. .

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