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Benefits of National Book Tokens

  • Universally accepted - National Book Token gift cards are welcomed  across the UK and Ireland, in all major bookselling chains including Blackwells, Waterstones and WHSmith and also independent bookshops. They can also be spent online and on ebooks.  You can locate your nearest stockist here.
  • National Book Token gift cards come in a wide range of attractive designs to cater for all tastes and occasions.
  • Efficient and easy ordering process with fast fulfilment for your maximum convenience.
  • Attractive discounts - we offer competitive discounts on bulk purchases.


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Contact Us

Consumer Promotions

Increase customer loyalty, improve retention, and build goodwill, use as a subscription incentive, a reward or as a thank you.

In a recent subscriptions promotion campaign a major national paper wanted to increase subscriptions among affluent older readers. After a comparison with other offers they found National Book Tokens to be highly appealing to their target with a high percentage of new subscribers selecting them.

To date using National Book Tokens has helped the newspaper add over 12,000 subscribers.

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Employee Rewards and Sales Incentives

Provide recognition to employees and reward sales teams performance, with an incentive, bonus or present.

Recently a national professional medical organisation used National Book Tokens as an incentive and thank you to its busy associates for participating in an important survey. National Book Tokens were the perfect reward as their associates were located across the UK and responded to an incentive that matched their interests and status.

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Training and Skills Programmes

National Book Tokens are the perfect incentive for any staff training or skills programme. They are an ideal reward that can directly support company efforts to enhance staff skills, performance and productivity.

By using National Book Tokens as an incentive,  USDAW helped their members develop their reading skills: “Our distribution centre in Wigan is enjoying better productivity and reduced turnover of staff after its workers began to learn new skills with the help of their National Book Tokens” - Ann Murphy, Lifelong Learning Co-ordinator, USDAW

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